Luxury for a New Generation

Founded in 2010, SlewHouse provides luxury construction services to Orange County homes and businesses including specialty audio/video, remodeling, additions, and more.

Who We Are

We are SlewHouse

Founded in 2010 as a Specialty Audio/ Video company, SlewHouse quickly became synonymous with luxury AV systems in Orange County. Not long after, we became licensed California General Contractors thanks to decades of experience in residential and commercial construction. In addition to designing and installing luxury audio/video, we provide a wide range of construction services for the discerning homeowner and business proprietor.

What We Do

Construction Services

Building out existing spaces and new structures requires extensive planning, skill, and the ability to see the finished space before a single nail is driven or saw blade spun. The creation stage is where we thrive. Whether or not there is already an Interior Designer, architect, or both that are immersed in the project, SlewHouse is able to collaborate to create and clarify visions, then put plans into action. We pride ourselves on helping our clients design and create their ideal environment.

Specialty Audio/Video

Audio/Video can be both confusing and daunting. It doesn’t need to be.We remove the mystery and guesswork. We help our clients determine the solution that best fits their needs as well as their space.. Some of our most requested systems include:

Surround Sound  ·  Whole House Audio  ·  Whole House Video  ·  Central Control System using Remotes, Tablets, and Phones  ·  Lighting Control  ·  HVAC Control  ·  Dedicated Theaters  ·  Indoor-Quality Outdoor A/V Systems  ·  Surveillance  ·  Door/Gate Access


You can take advantage of our expertise, even if we don’t lift a finger. We are available to you no matter what part of the planning, designing, or buildout stage that you are in. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring clarity to any project and help keep things moving forward. If you have a team in place to build your dream or are looking for any additional information or ideas, we are able to come in and respectfully work to fulfill your needs.

Meet the Founder

About Joel Perham

Joel Perham grew up in Northern California on a large ranch. His parents owned and operated a well-established excavation and earthmoving company. Thus, Joel was immersed in the construction process since birth, which is why he was a pre-med student when he went off to college. After a few semesters of higher education, Joel changed his major to Business Management and received a B.A. from Vanguard University. Many summers in high school and college working for various builders and construction companies gave Joel extensive exposure to all aspects of construction, from framing to sales. Joel founded SlewHouse in the wake of the 2008 housing crisis and has been operating profitably since.

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